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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Taliban Admit

Quetta, Pakistan, Sept. 4. - Police anti Pakistan is placed in care at a high level today when the funerals of victims killed in a suicide bomb attack on Shiite party gathering here yesterday.
Pakistan's Taliban claims responsible for the attack and asserted that the attack will be launched in the United States (U.S.) and Europe soon, making repeated threats to attack the West in response to the missile attack on their leader.
"The number of deaths due to suicide is now up to 65 people while another 150 were injured," said regional police chief Malik Mohammad Iqbal.

Town is closed today due to a demonstration organized by the association occurs dealers locally.

"Security forces and army patrolling anti currently held in several areas," said Malik.

This is a controversial series of recent attacks on different faiths.

According to police, the bomber was among 450 people who participated in the rally that the act detonated himself when the procession arrived at the main field in the city. - AFP

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