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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sony planned the attack on

JAKARTA: Star soap, Lucky Perdana and guitarist of rock box, Cella said to be already making plans to attack the musician, Sony Prakoso.
"Prior to Lucky and Cella said at the Sony home, there was a woman who asked where the home address of a friend Sony Sony. At night, Sony continues to attack and I think the incident as planned, "said Sandy Arifin, a lawyer for Sony.
Cella Lucky and police will be investigated tomorrow and if both are involved in incidents of attack, they can be charged for abetting because the attack which carries a penalty of five years six months imprisonment.
"For the time being both may be charged only with conspiracy. However, if they do attack the Sony it is possible we will prosecute those guilty of abuse because Sony had been treated in hospital for two days due to injuries suffered, "says Sandy.
To date there is no attempt to make peace possible between the three artists. In fact they have not been reported to interact again. - Agencies

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