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Monday, September 6, 2010

'Rooney must attack'

Watford (England): England striker, Wayne Rooney went to Switzerland with the team to face the European qualifying campaign despite facing sex scandal allegation Britain's tabloid newspapers displayed.
Rooney trained with his team as usual yesterday morning, several hours after the News of the World and the Sunday Mirror claimed that Manchester United star is several times the cheating wife who was pregnant by subscribing to prostitute last year.

According to the Sunday Mirror, player relations with Jenny Thompson, 21, began last June and they make a final meeting in Manchester, a month before his wife Rooney, Coleen gave birth to the first point of light, Kai.

This is the second time in England coach Fabio Capello had to deal with allegations thrown against one of his players.

Capello stripped the John Terry as captain in February after newspapers claimed that the player is forbidden relationship with a former girlfriend of England teammate, Wayne Bridge.

Capello insisted Terry did not show a good illustration to young people, especially children and fans.

Rooney married in 2008, became popular among couples in Britain. Coleen has a TV program and column in the magazine and considered fashion icons.

There have been recent comments on the allegation by the Football Association or Manchester United but the club's Premier League is ready to provide support to Rooney.

FA stressed, running programs such as refraction and Rooney stays with the team before flying to England to Switzerland squad for qualifying matches earlier yesterday morning.

"He did a full practice yesterday morning. We do a full training session as usual, "said winger James Milner.

Rooney plays a key role in all four goals scored England, on Saturday the Euro 2012 qualifying campaign with a stylish, beating Bulgaria 4-0 at Wembley.

"He's the best player and we want to build a powerful team," said Milner.

Rooney has not scored a goal since last September after a poor display in the action to England's World Cup exit in the second. - AP

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