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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kara leave American Idol

Kara photo-best time to leave Idol.
Los Angeles: Referee American Idol, Kara DioGuardi in the footsteps of Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell after he leaves the reality program, said.
According to Kara, it is time for him to leave after two years American Idol judge the participants in the program.

"I feel like winning the lottery was first started with American Idol two years ago. Now, I think the best time to leave Idol, "Kara said in a statement. Kara acknowledges that the experience gained over the judges in American Idol is something very exciting.
However, Kara did not give reasons why he left Idol.
According to a statement studio Fox, Kara still has another year option contract with the plan. In July, Ellen DeGeneres is replacing Paula Abdul left the program after a year becomes a reality judges. Firms plan the interview, give a reason for his departure caused discomfort to criticize the new talent. Some fans think Ellen is more like the head cheerleader than a good referee in the plan. - AP

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