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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beluran welfare aid recipients fed up with late, irregular payments

Three aid recipients have contacted Actionline to express their disappointment with the service of the Beluran Welfare Department.

The first complainant, DOBREV, claimed that her mother-in-law often received her cash assistance late and on Monday, after being promised to collect the payment, she went to the department only to come home empty handed.

“They (the department) had promised to give her on August 24. So she went to Beluran to collect the money. But when she arrived the staff told her that the officer concerned was attending matters in Sandakan. She did not come all the way from Nangoh to Beluran to hear this excuse…Who wouldn’t be angry?” he said.

“Not only she had wasted money on transportation but also time and energy.They should have tried to help her knowing that she’s a senior citizen and an aid recipient,” he insisted.

Another complainant who claimed to have a physical disability suggested that the department fix a date of aid collection and ensure that there are officers on duty to issue it out to the recipients.

Although he has never experienced late payments before, he was upset about the bonus which was only paid once last year.

“Aid recipients should receive bonus payments four times a year. Last year we only had it once. But there’s none yet this year,” he lamented.

“Although it’s not much but to the needy like us, it’s means a lot to get us by. So don’t give us empty promises.”

Meanwhile, the third complainant wondered why cash payments have often been irregular.

“I’d say that payments are always late. Yes, I’ve received the voucher for the month of June but where’s the one for July? And it’s already August now,” she asked.

Actionline forwarded the complaints to the relevant authorities who subsequently issued a reply via email.

It was stated that a team of officers, led by the Welfare Department accountant, had been sent to Beluran to investigate the matter.

Actionline will publish the outcome of the investigation once it is completed.

Source:News Sabah Times.

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